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Hey, Voice Actors!

How many hats are you wearing right now? Are you…

Maintaining your business by yourself?
Struggling to keep up with invoicing?
Maintaining a website?
Trying to keep up with all the social media platforms?
Spending too much time editing audio?

The list goes on... There are so many tasks that need to be done, and I’m happy to help you take care of them so you can achieve work-life balance and focus more on finding new clients, being inside your booth recording, and honing your craft! Scroll down to see what I can do for you!

My Services

Virtual Assistant Solutions

The focus of my virtual support is to assist others so they can stay creative and focus on their passions. The hustle culture is so strong these days and we aren’t meant to do it all alone. My goal is to help you simplify your life and take back valuable time to enjoy behind the mic, or with friends and family. If you don't see a task you need help with listed here, please reach out as this is only a fraction of what I have to offer!

Data entry & CRM management

Data Entry & CRM management involves accurately inputting and organizing data into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to ensure efficient tracking and utilization of client information.

Scheduling & calendar management

Scheduling & Calendar Management entails organizing, coordinating, and optimizing schedules, appointments, and events to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Expense tracking & invoicing

Expense tracking and invoicing involves meticulously recording and managing financial transactions, including generating invoices and monitoring expenses, to ensure accurate financial record.

Email cleanup / management

Specializing in Gmail, email cleanup and management encompasses efficiently organizing, filtering, and maintaining email correspondence to streamline communication and boost productivity.

Client care

Providing client care with personalized gestures such as sending cards, gifts, and other thoughtful touches to strengthen relationships and foster long-term loyalty.

Create & schedule social media content

Creating and scheduling social media content is a mix of crafting engaging posts, managing content calendars to enhance your visibility and audience engagement.

Audio cleanup & editing

Audio cleanup and editing services includes cleaning up mouth noises, extraneous sounds, background noise, and diminishing breaths if needed, resulting in professional and polished audio.

Graphic design & Canva projects

Specializing in graphic design using Canva, creating visually appealing and customized graphics for various purposes, such as social media posts, presentations, and marketing materials, to help you effectively communicate your message.


What Voice Actors Are Saying

"Annamarie is an absolute joy to work with! She's fast, efficient, and friendly with every interaction. Annamarie has saved me HOURS of time and frustration dealing with paperwork, excel sheets, website updates and more, so I can focus on recording. I'm so glad I found her!"

Emma O'Neill

Voice Actor

"Annamarie is fast and efficient. She's very knowledgeable and tech-savvy and gets the job done. As a voice actor, I needed help with a CRM, and Annamarie suggested Hubspot, which she was able to set up for me quickly and explained how it worked. I also needed some WAV files put together into MP3s, which I didn't have the time to do, and she did that for me, which was a huge time saver. Annamarie is incredibly personable and helpful and made me feel at ease immediately. I was so stressed without her help, and now I can relax. Thank you, Annamarie, for your help! I highly recommend her services!"

Sara Matsui-Colby

Voice Actor

"When launched Projects, I knew I needed to create something that set me apart. I'm hopeless with graphic design. Thankfully, Annamarie saved the day. Not only did she provide lightning fast turnaround, but was able to create a graphic that was completely unique to me and my brand. I highly recommend Annamarie if you want to make your Projects stand out!"

Luca Papp

Voice Actor

"The key thing about working with Annamarie on a project is that she is a collaborator in every sense of the word. When I asked her to create some VO thumbnails for projects, she was able to quickly identify the look I was going for and implement it in record time. The end result speaks for itself. I just wish there was an Annamarie in every industry!"

Jon Rosenbaum

Voice Actor
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